Drum Heater Jacket (DHV-100)

Four-Drums-on-a-Pallet Heater Jacket (FDV-100)

Drum Base Heater (DBV-100)

Four-Drums-on-a-Pallet Base Heater (FBV-100)

Tilt Cradle Drum Heater Jacket (TDH-100)

Drum Heater Jacket (DHV-100)

The Electrotherm Drum Heater (DHV-100) provides efficient heating and insulation for liquid and semi-solid products stored or transported in steel or plastic 205 litre drums.

Our carbon-graphite heating elements provide consistent, even heat around the drum. With the use of our Adjustable Capillary Thermostat the owner can tailor temperature to suit the properties of the product being heated as well as the ambient conditions.

Manufactured in Australia, our jackets are of the highest quality, using heavy duty PVC coated warp-knit polyester which is highly durable, washable and flame retardant.

Used extensively to heat products in the food industry as well as, but not limited, to adhesives and sealants, agro-chemicals, petro-chemicals and more.

Four-Drums-on-a-Pallet Heater Jacket (FDV-100)

The Four-Drums-on-a-Pallet Heater Jacket is  a much larger version of the DHV-100, built to accommodate four 205 litre drums, ideal for those processing larger volumes.

Drum Base Heater (DBV-100)

The Electrotherm Drum Base Heater (DBV-100) provides reliable, efficient heating for use with steel or plastic 205 litre drums, though of course, it works equally well for smaller arums.

The Drum Base Heater (DBV-100) can be used alone or in conjunction with the Electrotherm Drum Heater Jacket (DHV-100), and is especially effective for use with semi-solid products that are difficult to heat, or where faster heat-up times are required.

The Drum Base Heater (DBV-100) is a durable, heavy duty industrial product, able to withstand over 350kg.

Four-Drums-on-a-Pallet Base Heater (FBV-100)

Information coming soon.

Tilt Cradle Drum Heater Jacket (TDH-100)

Specifically designed for use on Tilt Cradles – perfect for mobilising and dispensing full honey drums. Electrotherm Drum Heaters are designed to provide a convenient heating/insulation system for raising the temperature of liquid and semi-solid products transported in steel and plastic drums. Our energy efficient designs spread heat evenly over a wide surface area and retain it with efficient thermal insulation.

The electric heating elements gently radiate energy into the product through the sides of the drum. Efficient multi-layer insulation materials inside the jacket panels minimize energy loss and form a stand-alone miniature ‘hot room’ suitable for heating in low ambient temperatures.

The zip-up jacket of the Electrotherm Drum Heaters is made from heavy duty PVC coated warp-knit polyester which is flexible, durable, washable and flame retardant. It is resistant to most acids, alkalis and most solvents. Industrial grade zippers make installation easy.



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