IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) Heater Jacket (IHV-100)

Radiant Heaters


The Electrotherm IBC Heater Jacket provides efficient heating and insulation for liquid and semi-solid products stored or transported in IBCs.

Our carbon-graphite heating elements provide consistent, even heat on four sides. With the use of our Adjustable Capillary Thermostat the owner can tailor temperature to suit the properties of the product being heated as well as the ambient conditions.

Manufactured in Australia, our jackets are of the highest quality, using heavy duty PVC coated warp-knit polyester which is highly durable, washable and flame retardant.

The Electrotherm IBC Heater jacket is tremendously popular in the honey industry and is also used to heat epoxy resins for road coatings, polyurethane adhesives and a wide variety of other food products, among others.

Radiant Heaters (RHV - 150)

Used alone or in conjunction with an Electrotherm IBC Heater Jacket (IHV-100) the In-pallet Radiant Heater is inserted into the jack openings of the pallet and gently radiates heat upwards, through the metal pan and into the product to be heated.

Especially useful with semi solid products that are difficult to heat or where faster heat-up times are required, the RHV-150 is best used with our insulated skirt which reduces heat loss due to airflow.

The RHV-150 is an industrial grade, waterproof metal construction with an anti-corrosive zinc-passivated finish.

Under-bottle Heater Pad (UHV-70)

The Under-bottle Heater Pad (UHV-70) is placed between the polyethylene bottle and the floor-pan of the IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container). Being in direct contact with the bottle heat is conducted into the product quickly and efficiently. 

This is the ideal solution for those who decant smaller quantities as the lower section of the IBC is where the temperature increase is most concentrated. Of course, the empty polyethylene bottle must be lifted out of the metal bunding to install the UHV-70.



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